Sea Bulk® Thermal Liner

Sea Bulk® Thermal Liner


This container liner is specifically designed to be loaded and discharged with the entire rear door access open. This is an ideal liner for products such as wine, because its thermal properties help to prevent temperature fluctuation. This liner has also been used to ship products with oppressive odors. The thermal properties keep the odors from permeating into the container. Other common applications are for the protection of packaged goods on pallets, loose loaded mineral products or to prevent damage to the container from the product being shipped.

Ideal For The Transport Of:

Packaged goods on pallets, Wine, Napthalene, Fertilizer, Animal Feed or products with similar characteristics


Proprietary four layers of laminate on HPDE woven material

Loading System:

Forklift, Bucket Loader or Conveyor System

Discharge System:

Forklift, Bucket Loader or Tilt