Sea Bulk® Fluidizing Liner

Sea Bulk® Fluidizing Liner


This bulk container liner is specifically designed for the transport of powders that are extremely difficult to discharge due to their poor flow characteristics. The entire floor of the container liner is equipped with a live fluidizing system that aerates and fluidizes the product at discharge. This is accomplished via an aeration manifold that controls the airflow to independent zones of the fluidizing system.

Ideal For The Transport Of:

Starch, Flour, Titanium Dioxide, Silica or products with similar characteristics


Extruded polyethylene film body


Rigid corrugated for maximum safety and load integrity with four (4)  metal bars for bracing

This design is equipped with a wide mouth discharge opening.

Loading System:

Closed Loop Pneumatic System

Discharge System:

Closed Loop Pneumatic System