Sea Bulk® PowerLiner®

Sea Bulk® PowerLiner®


This bulk container liner is designed to retain all liquids released by high moisture content products which can contaminate the shipping containers, ocean vessels, rail cars and most importantly the environment by preventing any leakage.

Ideal For The Transport Of:

Animal Hides &  Mine Tailings


Extruded polyethylene film body


Fold down for forklift access

Loading System:

Forklift, Bucket Loader, manual

Discharge System:

Forklift, Bucket Loader, manual

Liner Options : Discharge/Material/Bulkhead

Discharge Assistance Options

Powertex offers two different style angles to aid the end user at the time of discharge to help move forward any remaining product in the liner.

Two styles of angles available at this time:

  • Inflatable Angles
  • Plywood Angles

Further specifications are available upon request.

Material Options

All Powertex Sea Bulk® liners are available in various material types. The type of material that will be required for your application will all depend on the type of product that you are shipping and the various characteristics that it has.

Examples of Materials:

  • FDA approved virgin grade fully extruded 5.5 mil polyethylene film with metallocene
  • FDA approved virgin grade fully extruded 7 mil polyethylene film
  • Anti-static polyethylene film (available in both conductive and dissipative)
  • Polyethylene/Polyethylene Terephthalate (PE/PET)
  • Polyethylene or polypropylene woven material in various grades (70GSM – 230GSM)
  • Aluminum laminate (metalized) woven material
  • Powerfoil (for use with products that require oxygen and moisture barrier properties)
  • Fully extruded polyethylene film with flame retardant properties

NOTE: Material specifications and material samples are available upon request.

Sea Bulk® Bulkhead Options

Powertex has two bulkhead options. The type that you would require would all depend on the type of product that you are shipping in a Powertex liner.

Style 1: Corrugated Bulkhead

Available in single wall, double wall and triple wall corrugate. This bulkhead is required for those high density free flowing products.

Style 2: Flexible Woven Bulkhead

Made with 210 GSM woven material. This bulkhead is used for those light and medium density free flowing products.

Liner Accessories : Metal Bar/Loading

Metal Bar Options

Metal bars available:

  •  Industry standard metal bars
  •  Adjustable metal bars
  •  Galvanized metal bars
  •  Painted metal bars
Metal Bar Specifications

Powertex® Part Number: AC-011

Metal bars are used for the bracing of the rear bulkhead of the Sea Bulk® Liner.


  •  LENGTH: 94.50″ / 240.03cm
  •  WIDTH: 1.5″ x 1.5″ / 3.81cm x 3.81cm
  •  MINIMAL WALL THICKNESS: 11 gauge or .125″ / .3175 cm or 3.175mm
  •  MATERIAL: Structural Steel Tubing

Note: Powertex, Inc. recommends that a minimum of 3 to 4 metal bars are used to brace the rear bulkhead and that they are installed prior to loading.

Loading & Unloading Options

Powertex offers many different types of loading and unloading spout sizes and configurations. The type of spout required for the loading and unloading of your product will be determined by the type of loading and unloading equipment being utilized.

Load Opening Options:

  • Standard  3” · 8” · 13” · 16.5” · 22” · 25.6” · 27.6”· 31” Diameter Spouts
  • Zippered openings for Conveyor Loading

NOTE: Location and length for all loading spouts are customized to customer’s specifications

Discharge Opening Options:

  •  Standard 3” · 8” · 13” · 16.5” · 22” · 25.6” · 27.6”· 31” Diameter Spouts
  •  Single and double layer spouts
  •  Polyethylene Film or Woven Membrane and Non-membrane spouts
  •  6″ Threaded Fitting
  •  Polyethylene Film or Woven Fishtail spout
  •  Polyethylene Film or Woven widemouth spout

 NOTE: Location and length of all discharge spouts are customized to customer’s specifications