Equipment Information

By using our Worldwide Network of Material Handling specialists, we are able to coordinate the very best conveying, tilting and materials handling equipment needed for containerized bulk shipping.

We assist our customers to maximize labor, equipment and transfer process utilizing our Sea Bulk® liners, resulting in significant cost reductions.

Available Equipment Manufactured by our Global Alliances:

  • Dense Phase Pneumatic System
  • Rotary Valve Systems
  • Vacuum Take-Away Systems
  • Dust Collection Systems and Filters
  • Batch Weight Scales and Weigh Hoppers
  • Screw and Belt Conveyor Systems
  • Transporters
  • Vibration Systems
  • Storage Silo
  • Blowers


Powertex can recommend  a Material Handling Specialist required for your project. Contact us today to discuss your specific equipment needs at 1-800-POWERTEX,  +1-518-297-4000 or


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